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For us, customer satisfaction remained in the top of our priority list for all these years and it will hold the same position in the future.

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Fence installation, being a form of property modification, is a serious business that should never be taken for granted. Therefore, property owners find a certain relief in finally finding a reputable contractor with whom they can entrust their fence projects.

If you are one of those property owners looking for a good fence contractor in El Paso, we, at The El Paso Fence Company would like to offer you our fencing services. The El Paso Fence Company is a homegrown business that has served countless happy clients along the many years that we have been in the fencing industry.

The El Paso Fence Company


In the olden times, fences only had a very simple purpose: separation and division. Today, there is more to fences than being mere barriers or walls that divide. It has become a crucial part of construction when it comes to completing our homes and properties. Nowadays, they do more than just separating your priced piece of land from the outside world. Apart from providing you with much needed privacy and security, fences now do more by also beautifying your property in the long run.

Unique properties will have unique fencing needs. What would be suitable for one property may not be applicable for another. We at The El Paso Fence Company can help you with your fencing needs in El Paso.

Part of the commitment of our company is making sure that we attend and cater to all the concerns and priorities of our clients when it comes to their fence installation projects. At the initial phases of a fence job, we do thorough and careful assessment and planning to make sure that we are responding to the needs of our clients. Careful planning is also very important in ensuring the projects can proceed without major hitches. We value communicating with our clients. In this way, we can assess your specific fence needs and recommend you a fence type that is well suited for your preferences, purposes, and budget. We offer a wide array of fence types which are made from different materials. As added protection to our clients, each material is supplied by only the most trusted names in the manufacturing business.

We are a fence contractor in El Paso, backed by our years of experience and our arsenal of expert staff and crew. Despite having served for many years in the business, we see to it that we are never outdated when it comes to our products, services, and techniques. We keep up with the innovations and modernizations be it new types of metals, reinforced vinyl, or the latest models of gate operators. It is important to us to have modernized services available to you.

To make sure we can serve every fence installation needs in El Paso, we also offer services at every possible cost. You can have a great fence installed for your property even if you have a limited budget. We offer high quality services at every price point. High quality services need not to be expensive. On the other hand, inexpensiveness does not mean quality is compromised.

In our modern times, one important factor in installing fences is visual appeal. Having a beautiful fence installed beautifies your exterior while raising the curb appeal of your property at the same time. It is also possible that beautiful fences are also durable and long-lasting. In other words, your fence can have it all. Aluminum and steel fences are testimonies to this.

Whether you are looking to complete your home, or thinking of further securing your commercial property, or simply looking for fence builders in El Paso, we can help you.

Are you searching for a fence company in El Paso whom you can trust with your projects? Call us at 915-642-0557 for inquiries and get an estimate for free.

Frequently asked
questions (FAQ)

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, we are glad to let you know that The El Paso Fence Company offers free estimates for all types of projects. Getting estimates for a project before proceeding is very important to different property owners for many reasons. We offer a very straightforward method of giving estimates. We have staff assigned for getting measurements on your site. The measurements taken will be forwarded to our team in the main office. They will be the ones who will go into the nitty-gritty of estimation. Then, we will contact you to give you the estimate. Call us at 915-642-0557 for a free estimate.

How soon can you install my fence?

There are varying timeframes for how soon a project will be started. Basically, the range is either two to four weeks at the shortest, or five to six weeks at the longest. Should there be no additional fabrication processes needed, we can install your fence in only two to four weeks. This will also be possible if no special permits are necessary. On the other hand, you may need to wait for five to six weeks before the installation can begin if fabrication is necessary. The fence types that may need fabrication are commonly metal ones like steel and aluminum.

How long will my fence installation take?

The El Paso Company can install your fence within the timeframe of approximately one week. The standard period for the installation process itself is composed of two to three working days with a few days with no work in between. This time allowance between days is necessary to allow materials like cement to settle, cure, or dry up. This step is needed before the projected can be completed. The working time for larger projects or those that are highly customized may be stretched by two to three weeks. Your projects will never get delayed since we follow a strict schedule.

The El Paso Company can install your fence within the timeframe of approximately one week. The standard period for the installation process itself is composed of two to three working days with a few days with no work in between. This time allowance between days is necessary to allow materials like cement to settle, cure, or dry up. This step is needed before the projected can be completed. The working time for larger projects or those that are highly customized may be stretched by two to three weeks. Your projects will never get delayed since we follow a strict schedule.

Will You Obtain a Fence Permit for My Project?

Yes, fence companies like us are required to obtain certain permits before we can even begin a project. Fence installation is a property modification activity. Therefore, it is stringently regulated by certain agencies in the local government. Having the right permits safeguards the property owners and companies like us as well. If we have the right permits to show, we have some protection against complaints and other possible problems. To get these permits, your cooperation is required. Please contact us directly at 915-642-0557 for the complete list of requirements that you would have to provide to help us get the permits in no time.


What Types of Fencing Materials do you Install?

To ensure that every need is catered to, we at The El Paso Fence Company offers a great variety of materials for a wide variety of fence types. Please see our services page for more information. For your convenience, here are some of the common materials we use: brick, chain link, wood, steel, aluminum, vinylor PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and SimTek (polyethylene). Some of these materials may only be used for specific fence types. Others are more flexible and may be suitable for almost anything. Usually, any of these are equally suitable as fence material for all residential and commercial properties.

Are There Legal Restrictions on My Fence?

There are a lot of varying legal restrictions for every area. What may be allowed in a certain place may be prohibited in another. Therefore, the answer to this question is largely a case to case basis. Your area may have unique restrictions which may limit your options when it comes to fencing. For instance, a strict zoning ordinance may not allow certain fence types. Allowed height, color, material, and type may also be affected. Not only that. There are also strict neighborhood associations that places constraints on the style of fences to keep the neighborhood looking neat and standardized. 

Do I Need to Consult My Neighbors?

Technically speaking, there is typically no legal binding rule that obliges you to inform or consult your neighbors for your fence installation projects. Granted that there is no such agreement within your local neighborhood homeowners’ association, it is usually not required. Despite this, in the spirit of common courtesy and maintaining harmonious relationships with those who live close to you, we recommend that you at least inform them about the project. In a way, this can also help keep them safe especially if they have clumsy toddlers or vulnerable elderly living in their homes. Inform them even if it is not required.

How Deep Should My Fence Posts Be?

On the average, the depth of fence posts, according to our team is about three feet or approximately almost one meter. Be warned, however, that this is only the estimate based on the average. There may still be differences during the installation process. Other factors that would affect the depth are the fence types and the kind of soil in your area. A deeper one may be needed for considerably taller fences so that they can better remain in place. In this way, they will be able to stand in a sturdy manner. Our team of experts at The El Paso Company will manage this for you.

Should the Fence Touch the Ground?

In the majority of situations, it is not favorable for the fence to touch the ground for a number of reasons. Primarily, if the fence is constantly in contact with the soil, then it will always be at risk of water damage. This is because the ground is commonly slightly damp. Water can get to your fences in this way. In most cases, the traditional fence materials like wood may be more susceptible to this damage when constantly in contact with soil. You may opt for a fence that is in contact with the ground if you want to keep small animals like rodents completely off your property.

Does the Weather Affect the Installation?

Yes, it is possible for the weather situation to affect the fence installation project. Our team takes the planning phase of every project very seriously. This careful planning is vital in safeguarding the entire fence installation process. Although the weather is completely out of our hands, we remain to be intuitive by keeping ourselves guided by the latest weather reports. In this way, we may anticipate if a project needs to be temporarily put on hold due to the weather. A temporary halt may be needed to avoid compromising the entire project. Still, we see to it that we remain on schedule anyway.

What Material Should I Use for My Fence?

The answer to this question significantly varies from one property owner to another. The ideal fence material to be used for your project largely depends on your requirements, preferences, budget, and the function you intend your fence to have. We suggest that you evaluate your personal considerations for your fence installation projects. For instance, can your budget accommodate an expensive material? Or do you need something that provides maximum security? Would you prefer something that can be decorated with ornamental designs? Your answers to these can determine whether chain link, vinyl, or steel among others would be best for you.

How Tall Should My Fence Be?

Many factors can affect the exact height of your fence. For one, your preferences would be a big consideration. If privacy is your main concern, you may want to have a tall fence installed so that people may be prevented from looking directly into your property. On the other hand, the restrictions on your area, like zoning ordinances may significantly limit the height of your fence. It would always be wise to check if restrictions like this are in place prior to requesting a fence with a considerable height. Meanwhile, there are some fences like back stops that really need to be significantly tall.

How Long Will the Fence Last?

A lot of factors can determine how long your fence will last. First and foremost, one of the most significant determinants of a fence’s lifespan is the type of material used for it. Some materials are simply innately more long-lasting than others. Examples of these materials are steel, aluminum, and vinyl. The other factor which may influence the how long your fence will last is if proper maintenance was done consistently. This is true especially for traditional fence materials like wood. Wooden fences, especially cedar ones can last for years granted that they are repainted regularly and treated against bugs and decomposition.