About Us


Fence installation, being a form of property modification, is a serious business that should never be taken for granted. Therefore, property owners find a certain relief in finally finding a reputable contractor with whom they can entrust their fence projects.

If you are one of those property owners looking for a good fence contractor in El Paso, we, at The El Paso Company would like to offer you our fencing services. The El Paso Fence Company is a homegrown business that has served countless happy clients along the many years that we have been in the fencing industry.

As a property owner, you may have already experienced having some young fence companies offer you their services at outrageously cheap rates. Tempting as it may sound, you may be risking yourself to paying for substandard services you cannot complain about because they are already absurdly cheap. When it comes to something as sensitive a fence installation project, there is very little margin for error. To be sure, it is recommended that you entrust your fence installation in El Pasoto a reputable fence company.

The secrets to our success are composed of a very simple formula: the combination of skill, experience, and our clients’ trust. We operate under some basic guiding principles in our working days.

First, we hold safety at the forefront. Everyone who may be involved in the project should be safe. This includes our client and their companions, our staff and crew, and even the passersby.

Second, we hold rules and regulations at high regard. This is through securing the right permits for all projects, big and small.

Third, we make it to a point to do our very best at every step of the way. From doing estimates, to planning a fence, getting measurements, and installing them, we ensure that we do it right the first time around from start to completion.

If you need a fence builder in El Paso, contact us at 915-642-0557.