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There is no denying the fact the Americans love sports. Whether you are supporting a team from your hometown, a team you just absolutely love, or you are an athlete yourself, there are just so many reasons to love sports. Among the most well-loved sports in the country is baseball. Baseball seasons are always exciting. What makes it even more thrilling is watching live games in ballparks and baseball stadiums.

If you have been to a baseball stadium or a ballpark, it is highly likely that you have also seen back stops. These are the tall fences that surround the perimeter of the fields. Because of their height, they are truly hard to miss. For the most part, it keeps the balls inside the stadium during games. This is vital in protecting the players, the audience, and the public outside.

Many fence companies offer this kind of service. At The El Paso Fence Company, we offer a wide range of materials for back stops.

The most popular materials used for back stops are vinyl-coated fabric and chain link. Many property owners are not familiar with the parameters to consider when choosing between these two. To make it easier for you, here is a short summary of each kind.

Netting or Vinyl-Coated Fabric
The netting or vinyl-coated fabric sued for back stops is usually a thin kind of material. This thinness is an advantage in the visual aspect. It does not obstruct the view of the audience while still being highly capable of fulfilling its function. Moreover, this kind of material is easy to manipulate. They can be installed for very high back stops.

Chain Link
Chain links, being the versatile material that they are, can also be used for back stops. Its durability guarantees that it can withstand repeated forceful hits.

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