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Cages and enclosures are very useful and versatile. Since they serve various functions, there are numerous types of these that are available in the market. The materials and specifications of each type of cage or enclosure is customized to fit the function you intend to use it for. The most common types of cages and enclosures fence companies like us offer are locker cages, tools and equipment cages, batting cages, and safety enclosures.

Most of the time, the material from which cages and enclosures are made are interlinked wires or metals. Typically, they have small openings which offer the advantage of not trapping the moisture inside. This protects the things to be stored from water-related damages. The openings are small enough so that it will be difficult for the stored materials to be taken away or tampered with.

Metal is the primary material used for cages and enclosures. Usually, they are shaped into wires for this purpose. Some metals used are aluminum and steel, sometimes even galvanized steel for added durability. The type of metal of choice may vary depending on your needs. But because metals are sturdy, the stuff inside are well-protected.

Here is a list of cages and enclosure we offer, complete with short descriptions of their purposes.

Batting cage
Batting cages are also called “batting tunnels.” This is the kind of cage which offers a safe enclosed space for baseball or softball players and enthusiasts to train and further hone their batting skills.

Tools and Equipment cages
If you need a secure place to store your tools or equipment, a cage made from steel is a fine choice.

Locker cages
This is for those who need a place to store their gear, equipment, and in some cases, evidence.

Safety enclosures
This is commonly used for trampolines.

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