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Is there a specific place or memory that comes into your mind when talking about “docks?” Maybe a seashore, a seaside town, a port city? Or perhaps, ships, shipyards, and container cargo? Or maybe a small dock installed near the water of an estate situated near a lake?

Docks are basically those platforms made from planks of wood arranged in a series. These docks are not only found in ports. Some lake homes and private estates near small bodies of water like lakes, lagoons, and ponds may have some kind of dock installed into their properties.

Docks serve different purposes for different people. To some, docks mainly function as a small place where they can a gather with friends and family. To others, it is a place of leisure and relaxation, where they can enjoy a cold drink on a warm summer night. In other cases, docks are used by boat enthusiasts for boarding and for keeping their boats in place.


There are different types of docks for every owner’s needs and preferences. Here are some of these types: boat lifts, piling docks, double decker boat docks, floating docks, crib docks, suspension docks, and pipe docks. There are different individual parts which comprise a dock.

The El Paso Fence Company would not handle the dock installation itself. Instead, we provide services for installing parts and accessories for your docks. Among the common dock parts which clients frequently request from us are fences and handrailing. These parts are added safety features for your docks. If you have either of these installed, the people staying on the dock, especially clumsy children or vulnerable older people are protected from accidents like falls. We also provide dock floats, dock fenders, boat docks, dock ladders, bumpers, dock hardware, and floating dock kits.

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