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People have their own reasons for installing fences. For the majority, privacy and security are the main concern. Other priorities include aesthetics and curb appeal. However, there are cases where fences become necessary for safety reasons. This is the usual scenario for homes and properties near highways and roadsides. These locations tend to be prone to accidents, especially when the vehicles passing through are moving at high speeds.

As an additional barrier for protection, owners may opt to have guard rails installed. In road accidents where vehicles swerve beyond their lanes and even as far as the roadside, a guard rail can help keep the people in the residences or commercial properties safe. In road mishaps, there is a tendency for the vehicles to veer beyond the limits of the road when the wheels of a fast-moving vehicle skid and slip. Without proper guard rails installed in the perimeter of the roadside property, these derailed vehicles can crash straight into homes or even into the people standing close by.

As much as possible, we would like to prevent unfortunate accidents of this nature. If you have a property on the side of the road, you must consider having guard rails installed. You can choose from three different types.

Three-strand cable
A three-strand cable guard rail is the most basic type there is. For those who are budget-conscious, this is a worthy option if the roads within your area is not that busy. Be warned that this may be incapable of stopping huge vehicles moving at great speeds.

Wood guard rails
Made from high-grade lumber, wood guard rails can adequately stop moving vehicles. But then, it needs replacement after every accident or collision.

Steel guard rails
To maximize your protection, a steel guard rail is highly recommended.

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