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We are lucky enough to be living in a time where fast-paced technological advancements paved the way for the invention of many new materials. Among the fields which benefitted from these developments is the fencing industry. Today, there are many available alternative fencing materials besides conventional ones. These alternative options have been created and designed to suit many owners’ needs when it comes to fences.

SimTek Fences, also known as Allegheny or Sherwood Fences, resulted from these developments. SimTek is made from a substance that is called polyethylene. Polyethylene is a kind of plastic which has been made and designed to be highly durable. Moreover, they can be easily manipulated by manufacturers. This allowed manufacturing companies to shape and mold them into their signature stone wall appearance. The said signature appearance is highly regarded by owners who value aesthetics very much.


Since Simtek is a relatively new material in the fencing business, many people have the mistaken belief that Simtek is a weak and flimsy material just because polyethylene is a type of plastic. To make this clearer to you, you must understand that there so are so many types of plastics. The individual characteristics of each type is highly variable. There are plastics that are only designed as wrapping material. On the other hand, there are also plastics designed to withstand weather and forces. This is the category where the polyethylene used in Simtek falls.

One other benefit which makes Simtek favorable is its versatility when it comes to its appearance. Sure, the baseline design remains to be the stone wall look, but you are free to change the colors, shapes of the stones, and even the entire layout.

Lastly, Simtek offers a lot of advantages over traditional fence materials since it is resistant to damage from weather and even insects.

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