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Since time immemorial, metal has proven itself to be an indispensable raw material when it comes to fence projects. The need for metal has persisted through modern times. However, new technologies available today allowed the production of improved types of metals for use in various industries. Today, steel and aluminum are among the most favored metals. So, what exactly makes metals like steel and aluminum valuable in the fencing business? They provide an unmatched elegance, top-of-the-line security, and subtle grace to any property they are installed in.

Iron, particularly wrought iron was previously the most popular metal type used in many fence projects. You can see these in old estates, mansions, and even old cemeteries. Iron has been a prime choice for this purpose since it can be molded into ornate and often unique designs, which sometimes serve as a status symbol. In addition, iron is very tough and durable. But there is a horrible catch: iron is almost certainly bound to rust.

Good thing, we have technology these days. Technology paved the way for the development of the modern metals we use today: steel and aluminum. Both offer the advantage of being even more sturdy than iron. Moreover, its properties as a metal mean it can be melted, hammered, and bent into your desired shapes and designs. In addition to these, both are also longer lasting and more resistant to rust as compared to iron.

The El Paso Fence Company offers both steel and aluminum for all you fence installation projects. Why should you choose aluminum or steel? Both are excellent in terms of durability especially when compared to conventional fence materials. Aluminum has an added advantage of being practically rust-resistant. Steel can be protected using a chemical coating. It is also slightly costlier than aluminum.

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